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In 1958, a small group of design and industry professionals established the Industrial Design Council of Australia (IDCA), funded by the Commonwealth Government.

In an era when Australian Industrial Design was in its infancy, the goal of the IDCA was to educate manufacturers and consumers on the value of design, encourage and promote high standards of design in manufactured goods and foster an appreciation of good design among the wider community.

In the mid 1950s, Australian manufacturers were just beginning to be aware of the need for Industrial Design – the main impetus being reports of Industrial Design success in overseas trade journals mainly from America. By 1958, the time was ripe for a group of distinguished captains of industry to establish the IDCA.

At the commencement of the IDCA, most companies carried out their own design work. Industrial Designers self promoted, but the profession was largely misunderstood. Having an independent body dedicated to promoting Australian design and explaining the value of design to industry and consumers was an important step forward.
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