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For many Australians the latest products and services are readily available and the sophistication of these products and services grows every day. Australian consumers are continually bombarded with clever marketing and advertising aimed at grabbing their attention and dollar. With limited independent guidance, more often than not consumers are faced with buying on price alone. With all this choice, good design endorsement can play an integral role in making purchase decisions.

Imagine if consumers bought on the basis of good design?

The Australian Good Design Awards is one of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world. The program has a proud heritage dating back to the Industrial Design Council of Australia established in 1958.

Today, the Good Design Awards are highly regarded by business, industry, academia and government for their important role in setting a benchmark for the design profession and for driving competitiveness in Australian business. Internationally, the program is respected for its rigorous design assessment process and for focusing the world’s attention on Australia’s high standards of design, creativity and innovation.

I am delighted to support the work of Good Design Australia in its endeavour to promote the value and benefits of design. I believe this program has the potential to shape the future economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of our great country.

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