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The need to elevate design has never been as profound as right now.

We are seeing some telling behaviours that reflect inherent anxiety and disillusionment – dissatisfaction with policies and governments, dissatisfaction with services and service standards, the unfairness of inequalities and the fear of economic uncertainty as well as terror.

These behaviours are experienced in many ways around the world and require a new way of looking at what we have and what we create – with a focus on design.

We have created everything we have – we now have to rethink it to create a new equilibrium.

This will require an accelerated elevation of the impact of design:

DESIGN of policies that create an environment of fairness and inclusive growth;

DESIGN of the communications around such policies to shift away from empty rhetoric or negative obstruction to realistic and tangible excitement;

DESIGN of a system that enables innovation and entrepreneurship• DESIGN of companies and entities that work together in new ways, that capitalise on each other’s strengths is deliberate ways and create vibrancy in the economy that encourages people to try new things;

And yes, the continuous focus on DESIGN of better products, services and experiences – but not only a focus on these!

At Good Design Australia we accept the responsibility to play a role in the above and we will do it with passion.

We had another excellent year of submissions, extra-ordinary winners of categories and many products and services that will now proudly carry our Good Design endorsement.

But as proud as we are about the movement we have inspired and created through our Good Design Awards initiative, as concerned are we that design is not understood or embraced at a broader and higher level.

It should be our aspiration that Australia has a disproportionate global status as a nation of design – the same way for example that Israel has a disproportionate status as a start-up nation.

When you page through this Yearbook and look at all the excellent designs, consider what it should look like if we got all the above elements right!

This is OUR time, but we have to DESIGN it.

It is time to elevate design in a visible and tangible way.

And we will be part of it!

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