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Every product, service, space or experience has been designed.

The issue is: was it good design or bad design? Even worse, was the design left to chance? Design has never been more fundamental to our standard of living than it is now, and it will only grow in relevance and importance over the next decade.

That is why amplifiers of this message are so very important.

Good Design Australia has been a key catalyst of this message and, through the Good Design Awards program, amplifies and celebrates the power of design in a very practical way. Design is making a tangible contribution to improved living standards at a time where Australia has to deal with slipping commodity prices, trading partner uncertainties and an ageing workforce. We can and will design better products, better services, better businesses and experiences and a better future for us all. I am particularly delighted that I have the privilege to award a Patron’s Prize to recognise excellence in one of these areas.

I want to congratulate all the businesses that make submissions to the annual Good Design Awards and I congratulate those that go on to be recognised with a Good Design® Selection and the coveted Good Design Award®. But most important in my mind are the thousands of people behind the design of these brilliant projects. The innovative people that “live” design. You are the true inspiration and example for every corporate and government leader in Australia and our world - we all can learn from you.

Let’s all be part of the good design movement!

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