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Taiwan Design Centre

The Taiwan Design Centre (TDC) is the centre for the development of creative design in Taiwan and a vital link to the Asian design region. The Government of Taiwan established the Taiwan Design Centre (TDC) as a national institution in 2003. In 2004, TDC officially started to operate an integrated service platform for creative design and the promotion of economic development in Taiwan.
TDC’s mission is to elevate the role of design, promote international exchange and strengthen market competitiveness. In 2011, TDC hosted the International Design Alliance, IDA Congress in Taipei, attended by more than 3000 designers and their parallel event, the Taipei World Design Expo attracted some 1.36 million visitors – showcasing the best of Taiwan’s design capability to the world.
TDC and Good Design Australia are long standing partners and work together to promote the benefits of professional design in the Asia Pacific Region.

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