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Good Design Sells

Braun CoolTec
Good Design®

Savannah Smart Tongs
Design Award®

Range Rover
Design Award® Best In Category

Clipsal C-Bus® eDLT™ Wall Switch
Design Award®

Laminex Impressions Textured Surfaces
Design Award®

Design Award®

Design Award®

Design Award®

ON by Wilkhahn
Design Award®

CCQ Series Parksafe Barbecue System
Good Design®

Gecko Bug Zappers
Good Design®

Matador BBQ Tools
Good Design®

Scald Guard Mixer Tap
Design Award®

Design Award®

MoliForm Premium Soft
Good Design®

Design Award® of the Year

Epure Zone
Design Award®

Design Award®

Design Award®

Design Award®

Design Award®

Design Award®

Design Award®
Good Design®

Design Award® Best in Category

Design Award®

Design Award®

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Invitation to License

Recipients of the Good Design® Selection and/or Good Design Award® accolade are invited to differentiate their award-winning product or service by obtaining a lifetime licence to reproduce these internationally recognised symbols of design and innovation excellence.

As many companies have discovered, these trademarks deliver real commercial benefits and offer an effective means of independent endorsement, product differentiation, point-of-sale advantage and increased market share.

Consumers can be assured that products or services carrying the Good Design® trademarks have been professionally designed to the highest standards and put through their paces by an independent panel of design experts using a comprehensive set of Assessment Criteria.

Licensing Fees

The Good Design® Selection and Good Design Award® logos are registered trademarks of Good Design Australia and are issued for use under licence.

A lifetime licensing fee applies to reproduce the Good Design® Selection, Good Design Award®, Good Design Award® Best in Category, Good Design Award® Sustainability and/or Good Design Award® of the Year trademark logos. Companies that do not have a licence are not permitted to reproduce these trademark logos in any form whatsoever.

License fees are based on company size (per employees) as follows:
  • Small Business (0-4 employees) Lifetime Licence Fee = $2000 (+GST)
  • Small to Medium Business (5-19 employees) Lifetime Licence Fee = $3500 (+GST)
  • Medium to Large Business (20-100 employees) Lifetime Licence Fee = $5000 (+GST)
  • Large Business (100+ employees) Lifetime Licence Fee = $7500 (+GST)

  • Only one licence issued per entry
  • A licence may be shared with all associated parties
  • A licence entitles associated parties to unlimited logo reproduction during licence period. Request to cancel a licence must be received in writing
  • By obtaining a licence, licensees are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Licensing.

Contact us to enquire about eligibility to obtain a licence.