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Beijing Industrial Design Center: the latest international partnership for Good Design Australia

Good Design Australia has established yet another significant global connection.

On 26 September 2012, Mr Brandon Gien, President-Elect of ICSID (2011-2013) and Managing Director of Good Design Australia visited Beijing to meet with Mr Chen Dongliang, Director of Beijing Industrial Design Center. An MOU was signed to establish further cooperation between the Australian International Design Awards and China Red Star Design Award.

Through this MOU, participants from both prestigious Awards will be recognised by one another’s judging criteria and process, and winners will be cross-promoted through both international networks.

Australian International Design Awards and China Red Star Design Award will increase cooperation by exchanging judges and procedures, and recipients of design awards from one jurisdiction may now apply to use the corresponding design marks from the other.

“Through this MOU, we hope to once again lift borders and share vital infrastructure to allow designers and manufacturers in both regions to access a wider reach and promotion benefits than ever before,” Gien said.

“The Australian International Design Awards has a long standing relationship with China Red Star Design Award through the exchange of judges in the past. Good Design Australia now looks forward to continuing this cooperation with Beijing Industrial Design Center long into the future.”

According to Mr Gien, good design is at the core of innovation and improves society, the global economy and our environment. Closer regional collaboration between design organisations can lead to a wider understanding and appreciation of design’s role in shaping a better future for our world.

“My aim as President-Elect of ICSID (2011-2013) is to establish a gold standard for design assessment and promotion worldwide. This will ensure good design reaches the highest level and consumers can expect only the best,” Gien concludes.

Beijing Industrial Design Center (BIDC)

BICD is a design promotion institute propelling the development of the design innovation industry in China. BIDC operates China Red Star Design Award, the only national design award that aims to encourage the independent innovation of Chinese manufacturers, enhance Chinese enterprises' branding and increase the international competitiveness of Chinese products.

(Pictured L to R: Mr Chen Dongliang, Director of Beijing Industrial Design Center and Mr Brandon Gien, Managing Director of Good Design Australia)